BuyBust – IFFAM – 3rd International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Philippines | 2017 | 127’ | DCP | Colour | Filipino | Group: D

Director: Erik Matti

An introduction of the film will be given by film delegation before the film screening

2018/12/09 15:00 Macao Tower


Narc squad rookie Nina Manigan is a lone wolf. After her whole squad died in a mission because of an order from her seniors, she has learned the hard way not to follow orders blindly. When she joins a ragtag team of agents going into a rushed buy-bust operation in a labyrinthine Manila slum, she fears that history is repeating itself. Their cover is blown almost immediately and backup fails to show up. The team is trapped and Nina suspects a traitor in the ranks, but nobody believes her. It is up to her to figure out who sold them to the enemy as they all work together to fight their way out before it’s too late.


Erik Matti

Erik Matti’s prolific career has seen him take on many hats not only as a writer and director but also as an actor, acting coach and producer. He has been directing films since 1999, and in 2003, he co-founded Reality Entertainment Inc. under which banner his critically acclaimed features On The Job (2013), Honor Thy Father (2015) and Seclusion (2016) have been produced. His films have screened at festivals including Cannes, Toronto, Tokyo, Sitges, Udine and Pucheon. His most ambitious film to date BuyBust (2018), set against the backdrop of the ruthless war on drugs in the Philippines, was released in August this year.


Director Erik Matti

Cast Anne Curtis, Brandon Vera, Victor Neri, Arjo Atayde, Nonie Buencamino

Scriptwriter Anton Santamaria, Erik Matti

Cinematographer Neil Derrick Bion

Editor Jay Halili

Production Designer Michael Espanol

Music Erwin Romulo, Malek Lopez

Costumes Loi Villarama

Producers Ronald Stephen Monteverde

Production Reality Entertainment Inc., Viva Films


World Sales XYZ Films