LOCAL VIEW POWER – IFFAM – 3rd International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Nurturing filmmaking with Local View Power

Boosted by a rising number of local film producers and promoting entities, Macao’s thriving cinematic scene hasn’t stopped growing over the last decade. Since 2007, the Local View Power film-commissioning programme has been providing aspiring filmmakers with opportunities to develop their ideas, laying ground for seasoned directors to grow further. Conceived by the Macao Cultural Centre, under the auspices of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the project stimulates and nurtures our filmmakers’ creativity. The beneficiaries are given both technical and financial support to complete their productions, including mentorship guidance provided by guest professionals. The past eleven editions were enthusiastically received, with participants submitting over 500 proposals, a dynamic flow that has resulted in 118 new works (including 82 documentaries, 19 short features and 17 animations), some of them awarded and screened overseas, reaching audiences in Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, the U.S., Germany and many other places, along with outreach screenings at schools and TV broadcasts. The Local View Power is devoted to help our filmmakers in the pursuit of their dreams to create innovative work, encouraging youngsters to pursue career paths as independent filmmakers and impelling our film industry into a brighter future.

LVP Screening 1 – The Graduate、Security Cat、Unimpossible、The Crickets Dynasty、G.D.P. Grandmas’ Dangerous Project
2018/12/08 14:00 – 16:00 Macao Tower
LVP Screening 2 – Missing Dad、The Champion、Rabbit meets Crocodile、Halfway、Keyboard Warrior
2018/12/08 16:30 – 18:30 Macao Tower
LVP Screening 3 – The Melancholy of Gods、 Delicious!、Sheep、Loved Ones
2018/12/13 19:00 – 21:00 Macao Tower

Security Cat
Macao SAR | 2018 | 3’53”  | Animation | Group : A

Directors: Leong Kin, Lou Ka Choi


A warm little story about a guard and a stray cat who meet in the security room.

Rabbit meets Crocodile
Macao SAR | 2018 | 4’28” | Animation | Group: B

Director: Sam Kin Hang


During a visit to the Science Centre with his parents, a boy bumps into a couple kissing in the theatre. As an innocent child, at first he is dismayed. When the kissing girl approaches him, the boy gives her a rabbit candy. The girl returns his little gift with a warm smile…

Macao SAR | 2018 |  2’49”  | Animation | Cantonese | Group: A

Director: Lam Su Kei


Anthony the Portuguese egg tart leads a Food Alumni Association. After receiving an award, he plans to hold a celebration with his old classmates. However, when no one comes to the party he decides to visit his old friends…

The Champion
Macao SAR | 2018 | 14’17” | Documentary | Cantonese, Mandarin | Group: B

Director: Ho Hong Io


Yang is a WWII veteran, who lived through the anti-Chinese riots in Burma, and the Cultural Revolution in China. While his elderly life is still challenging, a reporter tries to help him out of friendship.

Macao SAR | 2018 |  17’  | Documentary | Cantonese | Group: B

Directors: Kelly Ng, Hoi Weng In


At the age of 12, Kelly was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy and required two spinal surgery corrections. After the operations, the results were not as expected, and her wheelchair life began.

The Graduate
Macao SAR | 2018 | 17’23” | Documentary | Cantonese | Group: B

Directors: Iao Cho Fong, Andy Kam


This documentary records the transformation of a student around his graduation days. The protagonist was in a state of chaos when he completed his course. After finishing his studies, he returned to Macao to find his own history.

Loved Ones
Macao SAR | 2018 |  47’37” | Documentary | Cantonese, English | Group: B

Directors: Kiwi Chan, Jess Hao


A 24-hour veterinary clinic is the window. Here we gaze at the animal’s lives and death, the owner’s hopes and despair, but we also get a glimpse of human selfishness and ruthlessness…

Keyboard Warrior
Macao SAR | 2018 | 54’22”  | Documentary | Cantonese | Group: B

Directors: Sou Chan Tong


Aiming to let people find what Macao’s e-sports are all about, Jeff, a former Counter Strike 1.5 (CS) player, re-constructs part of his own life, when he had the best CS team in Macao having obtained the 4th place of the Hong Kong CS competition, and after becoming a champion in the Guangzhou region. This story will let the audience find the hardships this sport is currently facing.

The Melancholy of Gods
Macao SAR | 2018 | 47’59” | Documentary | Cantonese | Group: B

Director: Lei Cheok Mei


This film is a letter to my aunt, hoping that both of us will find solace sometime soon.

The Crickets Dynasty
Macao SAR | 2018 | 48’56” | Documentary | Cantonese | Group: B

Director: Chang Seng Pong


Every cricket fighting maniac keeps on average over a thousand crickets at home. They usually have a special room for the insects, some of them with air-conditioning set to the optimal temperature. This film focuses on cricket lovers, and starts with preparations for the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao triangular tournament. Finding the qualified ‘fighters’ in the mountains, training, and defeating opponents on the battlefield – everything was recorded to illustrate a unique culture and history.

G.D.P. Grandmas’ Dangerous Project
Macao SAR | 2018 | 20’18” | Short Feature | Cantonese | Group: B

Director: Peeko Wong


Three grannies came up with a crazy and dangerous idea. They are planning to do a real big monkey business which may either send them to jail, or let them without any more to worry for the rest of their miserable lives.

Macao SAR | 2018 | 12′  | Short Feature | Cantonese | Group: B

Director: Ng Ka Lon


In the middle of the night, Ka Fu drives his brother in law to the hospital. During the ride, the taxi driver tries to make it up for the mistakes he has made in the past.

Macao SAR | 2018 | 14’34”   | Short Feature | Cantonese | Group : B

Director: Mak Kit Wai


Fai is a 27-year-old courier while Bond is a delivery boy. Two people, two different driving attitudes.  What will Fai learn when the two meet?

Missing Dad
Macao SAR | 2018 | 23’25” | Short Feature | Cantonese | Group : B

Director: Long Wai I


A father returns home after a 15 year absence earning a living away from the family. His commitment at work payed off an apartment and raised two children. Now that the family is finally reunited, the father seems to be a stranger.