Xiao Mei – IFFAM – 3rd International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Xiao Mei
 2018 | 96’ | DCP | Colour | Mandarin | Group: C

Director: Maren Hwang

An introduction of the film will be given by film delegation before the film screening

2018/12/12 19:00 Cinematheque‧Passion


Xiao Mei is missing. Interviews and memories of nine individuals who all had connections with her gradually piece together the puzzle of her life. None of them knows where Xiao Mei has gone out all they want is for her to be all right, so that everything will be all right. These recollections of their dealings with her give a glimpse into the troubled life of a young woman wandering from job to job, apartment to apartment, whose past troubles are clearly haunting her in the present.


Maren Hwang

Born in 1974 in Hsinchu,  Maremn Hwang started making films when he was very young and his mother gave him a Betamovie camcorder. He went to study visual arts and theatre in the US, attending School Of Visual Arts, New York, and Stella Adler Studio Of Acting, New York. He has subsequently directed over 200 commercials. Xiao Mei is his first feature film. It had its world premiere in the Panorama section of this year’s Berlin International Film Festival in February.


Director Maren Hwang

Cast Yi-Wen Chen, Kuan-Ting Liu, Na Dow, Chien-Ho Wu, Shin Yin

Scriptwriter Maren Hwang

Cinematographer Nagao Nakashima

Editor Hsiu-Hsiung Lai

Production Designer Kuo-Hui Liao

Music Luming Lu

Costumes Ling Lin

Producers Mong-Hong Chung

Production Studio Romance


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