Default – IFFAM – 3rd International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

Korea | 2018 | 114’ | DCP | Colour | Korean | Group: B

Director: Choi Kook-hee

An introduction of the film will be given by film delegation before the film screening

2018/12/09 21:15 Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium


Korea. 1997. Si-hyun, the monetary policy manager at the bank of Korea, predicts a national financial crisis and tries to prevent it. Jung-hak, a financial consultant, also senses the impending crisis and decides to play the odds by making contradictory investments. Meanwhile, Gap-su, an owner of a small factory, scores a big contract with major retailer, oblivious of the looming disaster. Over the course of one week, the lives of all three are turned upside down as Korea is forced to declare bankruptcy.


Choi Kook-hee

Korean film-maker Choi Kook-hee was born in 1976 and directed several shorts before making his feature debut in 2016 with Split, an inside look at the hustlers working the world of bowling. He won the best first feature award at the Fantasia International Film Festival for the film. Default is his second feature.


Director CHOI Kook-hee

Cast KIM Hye-soo, YOO Ah-in, HUH Joon-ho, JO Woo-jin and Vincent CASSEL

Scriptwriter EUM Sung-min

Cinematographer CHOI Chan-min

Editor SHIN Min-kyung

Production Designer BAE Jung-yoon

Music KIM Tae-sung

Costumes CHAE Kyung-hwa

Producers LEE Eugene, OH Hyo-Jin

Production ZIP CINEMA


World Sales CJ Entertainment