The Outsiders – IFFAM – 3rd International Film Festival and Awards ‧ Macao

The Outsiders
2018 | 119’ |  DCP | Colour | Mandrian | Group: C

Directors: Ko Han-Chen, Hu Ning-Yuen

An introduction of the film will be given by film delegation before the film screening

2018/12/10 15:00 Macao Cultural Centre – Small Auditorium


A small town in the 1980s. Pei Yu Yan is a teenager who lives her life like a fish in a bowl. Everything is planned for her by her wealthy, controlling parents and she has no say in anything. That is until she meets Yu-Hao, a poor kid from the wrong side of the tracks who is looked down on by most people and spends his life getting into fights on the streets with his two best friends. Yu-Hao falls in love with Pei Yu Yan and she falls for him too, but their love will face numerous hurdles before they can be together.


Ko Han-Chen

Hu Ning-Yuen

Ko Han-Chen has directed TV shows and movies for more than 17 years and was a key architect in the original TV series of The Outsiders in 2004. His other work includes series Evil Spirit (2005), The Legend Of Brown Sugar Chivalries (2008), Down With Love (2010), Symphony Of Fate (2011), Beautiful Secret (2015), Blind Date (2017) and Sweet Combat (2018).

Born in 1968, Hu Ning-Yuen graduated from the department of Theatre Arts at Taipei National University of the Arts. He worked as a tutor, a lifeguard and on staff in two opera companies. After leaving the theatre, he entered the TV field, working as a writer on series such as Spicy Teacher and PS Man, as well as director on Hide And Seek: The Game Must Go On, Heaven Can Wait, Hot College Students, As The Bell Rings and Sweet Combat.


Director Ko Han Chen, Hu Ning Yuan

Cast Charles Lin, Gingle Wang, Wu Yue qing, Mike Lin, Hung Chien

Scriptwriter Hu Ning Yuan

Cinematographer Wang Chun Ming

Editor Soma Chen

Production Designer Lin Pei Chen

Music Fran

Costumes Pan Lun Lin

Producers Ko Yi Ching

Production Domani Production Co.

Distributor Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific Limited

World Sales Domani Production Co.